A lot has changed since last year when GEICO was bought by Berkshire Hathaway for $26.7 billion, including the takeover of American Education Services.

Now, GEICO is launching a new business, American Education Resources, to support education services providers across the country.

The company is also looking to increase its customer base by recruiting employees.GEICO says it is also targeting a higher percentage of its customers on credit.

In addition to American Education services, the new company will offer a number of other services including mortgage, credit and car finance.

In a blog post, GEICo, the parent company of American education services and consumer finance, said it has acquired the American Education Solutions division of GEICO, as well as the American Finance Group business and its related business units, to better serve its customers.”GEICO is looking to expand its footprint to more of its consumer and business customers, and our acquisition of American Educational Solutions provides us with a more complete portfolio of assets to support our strategy,” GEICO said.GEICo will remain independent of GE and GEICO.GE will continue to operate GEICO’s operations, which will continue with the same core brands and business model, according to the company.

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