The top ten reasons why a customer can’t sign up for the iris app are: 1.

It doesn’t work with the iPhone 6S 2.

It’s not supported by iOS 7 3.

The iris is broken 4.

It says “unavailable” for the phone 5.

There is no iris 6.

It isn’t supported by the iPhone 5S 7.

The app is only available in Canada 8.

There’s a “feature freeze” in the United States 9.

It asks for your PIN 10.

It requires your fingerprint.

Here’s what else irs customers can do to get around these problems.


Turn off the app 2.

Make sure your phone is connected to Wi-Fi 3.

Check to make sure the iri app is running properly 4.

Turn the iPhone off 5.

Check the irifs website 6.

Open the irio app 7.

Check irio’s support page 8.

Check if your phone’s Wi-Fidelity card works with the app 9.

Open irio, tap the phone, and tap “Settings” 10.

Click “Customers and Contacts” 11.

Click on “IR” 12.

Select “IR Status” 13.

Click the “Change Status” button 14.

Choose “My Account” 15.

Enter your irs information and password 16.

Select your account number and PIN 17.

Enter “2-step verification” 18.

Enter a date and time and click “Submit” 19.

Enter the code you used to get the irios app to sign in to the app.


The customer service reps should then be able to help you with the problems.

You can also call irio customer service toll free at 1-800-739-2969.

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