The owner of a Ballymensa hotel who made a ‘terrible mistake’ by not putting in security for his own customers has apologised to them for the incident.

Paul Quinn has written to all of the people at the hotel on the Isle of Man who were injured, saying he is sorry for his “unbelievable failure”.

The incident was caught on CCTV on a busy shopping street in Ballybally, Co Galway, last week.

It is understood the CCTV footage shows a group of customers walking along the street and getting into a vehicle.

It appears to be a group that has been drinking heavily and has not been wearing a seatbelt.

It was reported on social media that a man in the car was seen pushing a woman and child away from the group.

A Ballyminesa spokesman confirmed the incident happened.

A spokesperson for the Hotel Association said that the incident is “totally unacceptable”.

“We understand the hotel had been alerted of an incident involving the hotel’s guest and it is completely unacceptable for guests to be subject to this type of behaviour,” they said.

“We have contacted the police to investigate.”

In a statement, Mr Quinn said: “My first reaction to this incident was disbelief, but I can only imagine how terrible the damage was to the hotel.”

He said that he would be offering a full refund to all those who were hurt.

Paul says he will be offering the full refund for all those hurt by his “terrible” mistake.

He says he is also offering a 100% refund to those who are hurt by the incident and he wants people to know he will offer the full 100% to those injured by his mistake.

The hotel said in a statement that they have contacted Bally’s police.

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