Consumers can request their packages be shipped to their home and delivered to their door, and Amazon has developed a simple, automated method to do just that.

In addition to being an excellent way to deliver orders from Amazon, the Amazon package delivery app also provides a simple way for Amazon to help customers track their delivery status.

The Amazon package tracking service is designed to track orders that have already been shipped and the package’s final destination.

While the app is free for new users, Amazon’s service is free to all existing users who are logged in with a valid email address.

Users who want to track their package delivery status can sign up for a free account and track packages that are being shipped to them by using their account information, as well as other tracking data, as shown in this example from the app.

The Amazon package tracker app also shows delivery status information on the home screen, along with a handy, bar graph for the package being tracked.

Users can also check a box to enable tracking when using the app, as detailed in the following example:With the Amazon packages tracking app, users can also request that Amazon deliver a package to a particular address based on the order’s zip code, location, and type of package.

Users can then log into the Amazon app to track deliveries that have been shipped to a specific location, including an Amazon address.

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