Use credit cards to get away with fraud and abuse.

“Credit card companies should be required to monitor the use of credit cards and to notify consumers when they are using them for unauthorized purposes,” said a March 2017 report by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

The CFPB found that consumers can get away by using credit cards without any apparent consequences.


Don’t take the bait.

“The majority of the credit card transactions consumers do make are innocent, said Jennifer Keesmaat, an attorney and the consumer advocate at the nonprofit advocacy group Public Citizen.

In addition, credit card companies are required to report all suspicious activity to the CFPBs Consumer Fraud and Abuse Hotline, which can help consumers identify and get free credit monitoring services.”

It’s the only way for consumers to be sure their credit card is being used for the right reasons,” Keesmasat said.


“This will prevent credit card issuer fraudsters from taking advantage of consumers and, ultimately, consumers from taking out more debt.”4. “

Credit card issuers should require that consumers make payments on time and make sure they have all their necessary documentation,” Keemasat added.

“This will prevent credit card issuer fraudsters from taking advantage of consumers and, ultimately, consumers from taking out more debt.”4.

Avoid paying taxes on your credit card.

If you’re paying taxes or other federal or state taxes on a credit card, the credit-card company should inform you that you’re making a fraudulent charge, Keesmsaat said, adding that it’s also important to pay all taxes owed on the credit cards you use.5.

Donate to charities.

“It’s important for consumers not to take advantage of credit card programs that help their organizations by accepting donations,” Kiesmaat said on the Censored Network.

“We’ve seen examples of credit-cards companies charging people for gifts that were not required and giving them credit for the gift.”

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