A new Google patent shows that Google wants to offer more details in its effort to pay for the delivery of Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers’ internet traffic.

The patent, filed on February 11, is titled “Amazon Web Services: Payments for Internet Traffic.”

Google describes the concept of “payment for Internet traffic” in the patent as a way for the company to incentivize the delivery and use of Amazon’s cloud computing services, such as its Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and Amazon WebSockets.

Google claims that by providing its services to Amazon, Google is able to “incentivize the use of AWS by customers, and by making it easier for AWS customers to pay.”

The patent also describes a “payment method” for Amazon’s AWS services, in which Google pays for the EC2 and AWS connection, and Amazon is compensated by Google for its use of the service.

Google’s patent also includes an example of how a customer can use an AWS subscription to purchase a subscription to Amazon’s CloudFront (Amazon’s cloud storage service) that Google uses to store its data.

The payment method would be for a subscription that would allow the customer to use AWS services while also paying Google for the AWS services.

The company’s patent does not provide any details on the payment method Google is proposing.

“In this example, the customer’s EC2 subscription provides a payment method for the user’s use of CloudFront,” the patent reads.

“If the customer chooses to pay with AWS instead of EC2, the EC-based subscription would be automatically paid by CloudFront to the customer.

Similarly, if the customer purchases a subscription from Amazon for EC2 only, the payment from Amazon would automatically be paid to the AWS account and the subscription would automatically renew each year.

Similarly if the subscription renewal occurs after the subscription has expired, the billing account would not be charged the new subscription payment.” “

Once the subscription is renewed, the subscription payment would automatically become a new payment method, and the customer can no longer cancel the subscription.

Similarly if the subscription renewal occurs after the subscription has expired, the billing account would not be charged the new subscription payment.”

Google has not disclosed details on how Google plans to incentivise AWS customers in the future, but a Google representative did say that “Amazon’s EC services offer customers an attractive and valuable product, as well as a number of useful features.”

“This patent was filed in April 2019, and Google intends to continue to apply the patent in the United States and abroad, so it’s likely to remain in the Patent Office for some time,” a Google spokesperson told TechCrunch.

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