It’s no secret that Comcast’s customer service is a major pain point in its online shopping experience, especially when you’re looking for a new cable package.

The company has been trying to fix this problem by introducing new features and rolling out a new suite of products to help streamline the process.

But in order to actually make the process easier, the company has announced a new set of rules that will require Comcast to send out customer service reps to help customers.

According to a blog post published Tuesday by the company, Comcast customers will now have to opt in to receive phone calls from the company’s customer support staff.

This will help the company more easily answer customer questions and help it better target its efforts in a consumer’s shopping behavior.

“Customer service is an important part of our online experience,” Comcast spokesperson Michael Stebbins said in a statement.

“Our goal is to deliver the best customer service experience possible and we’re happy to work with our customers to ensure they’re receiving the best possible service.”

To make things even easier, Comcast is rolling out new tools that will let customers send out an automated email to the company in the event of a problem with their account.

The email will include the customer’s full name, phone number, email address, and a link to a Google Voice or Microsoft Exchange account.

The company’s new customer service guidelines will also give the company a chance to give out personalized recommendations to customers, Stebbsins said.

For now, Comcast says it’s focused on helping customers get the best service and is working with a number of online retailers, but the company will be adding new tools and offerings over time.

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