If you have a mortgage, and you want to repay it, you might be in luck.

The deadline to pay off a loan is usually April 15.

However, there are exceptions, depending on what state you live in.

Read on to learn more about the process of paying off a mortgage. 

You must first make a payment of the principal amount of the loan, or about $1,500.

If you’re not eligible for a federal government loan program called the Federal Home Loan Bank (FHBL), you will have to make a separate payment of about $200.

If your lender requires a monthly payment, you will need to make at least one payment, but not more than three. 

The payment is supposed to be made by the first day of the month, but if you don’t pay on time, your loan may be forgiven. 

If you’re still in the process, you’ll need to get approval from your bank to begin the process. 

To get your loan serviced, call your local Hennepin County branch. 

Hennepins County Servicemembers and Sailors (HCSS) will need you to fill out a Request for Service (RF) form, which you can download here. 

Once you’ve done this, you can contact your bank, which will then send you a letter confirming that you are eligible for the loan. 

For the FHBL, you have to have a valid driver’s license, pay a minimum of $1 per month and submit the application for the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loan.

The application will also need to show your income and credit scores, and provide a description of the home. 

A check or money order is required. 

Your home must be within 30 miles of your home address. 

After you have approved the form, you must wait about four weeks before you can start making payments on your loan.

You’ll need a letter from your lender confirming your eligibility. 

In Minnesota, you also have to wait about a month to be approved for the FHA loan.

In Washington, you may also need a mortgage broker to verify that you’re eligible for your mortgage.

If that’s the case, you should call the local FHA office, and then wait at least 10 days before making payments. 

Before you can make payments, your lender must notify you if you’re in default. 

Failure to pay your loan is a violation of federal law, and can result in the loss of your mortgage, the FHB said. 

It’s a good idea to contact your local FHHL office for more information, if you have questions. 

When you pay off your mortgage debt, you still owe the lender money.

The FHBA says that you’ll have to pay the balance on the loan in the first 30 days of the new loan.

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