Google announced today that it’s expanding its reach to business customers by expanding its relationship with Geico.

The move comes just days after Google announced it was acquiring the Seattle-based company for $1.5 billion in cash and stock, with the promise of an all-new service that could expand Google’s reach into the business and personal digital space.

The Geico business will now become Google’s “business platform,” according to Google, and will be managed by Google’s Global Business Platform, which will work as a standalone business platform for Google’s businesses.

Geico, for instance, could become Google Business Services, which would allow customers to build out their own online business, with Geicos customer service team, customer support, and other Google services.

The new service is a departure from Geico’s current business model, which is focused on advertising.

The company was founded in 2004 by Matt Cutts, a former CEO of Google parent company Alphabet.

The company has long been a leader in digital advertising, which has helped it capture a larger share of the ad market than any other company, and in particular, has been the fastest growing of all the major advertising platforms.

Geico is currently a subsidiary of AOL, but Google announced in November that it was looking to sell it.

A search of Google’s web pages reveals that Geico has since become Google Enterprise Services, a company that offers a suite of Google services for businesses and consumers.

Geicos new business will be a product of that partnership, and the company has also recently added a digital marketing team.

Geiko is a company with a history of being a partner in Google’s advertising efforts.

The geico brand was the first to gain the “Google for Business” badge from the search engine, and since then, Geico was instrumental in creating Google’s search advertising program and creating Google Analytics, the company’s advertising analytics program.

Geoco’s ad business is not new to Google.

The search giant’s ads revenue has been growing at a consistent rate since 2012, and its mobile ad revenue grew at a similar rate.

Google also recently launched its Google AdWords, the world’s largest ad marketplace.

Geimos new relationship with Google is expected to add value to Geico as it looks to expand into the digital advertising space.

In addition to Geico’s business, Geiko also provides a service that lets customers search for products or services online, or find products from Google’s own store.

Google’s partnership with Geiko, however, will likely come at a steep cost.

The new partnership will bring Geico full ownership of Google for businesses, meaning Geico will be the primary provider of its own customer service.

Geic’s current customer service service is managed by its own Google Enterprise Platform, a separate business that’s focused on offering Google’s services.

Geimo will also get access to Google’s business intelligence capabilities, which can help customers build customized search experiences.

Geimos data will be shared with Google, which in turn will help customers improve the search experience, according to a Google spokesperson.

Google also has plans to expand the Geico service to a number of other businesses, including retail and insurance companies.

The partnership comes just weeks after Google acquired AOL, which was already part of the Google business.

Google announced the acquisition in November, and as part of that deal, Google also announced that it would buy out AOL’s remaining stake in the company.

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