Bank of America is being sued by a customer who alleges that the bank used the money it collected to pay for her medical expenses.

Jennifer Bailor says that when she went to a bank to check her credit, she was told that she owed more than $500.

Bailor told the Associated Press that when the bank told her that the total was not correct, she started getting texts from other people who claimed to be the same people who helped her pay off the medical bills.

She said the bank did not respond to repeated phone calls or emails asking about her credit file and was not responsive to her inquiries about how much she owed.

In an online statement, Bank of Americans said it was “aware of Ms. Bailar’s allegations.”

The bank said in a statement that the charges are incorrect and that it is investigating her claims.

In the statement, Bailer said that while the bank has a process in place for customers to get their charges corrected, she did not receive a response to her requests for an explanation.

Bond was secured in federal court last week, but the judge did not set a hearing date.

She has not been able to speak with her attorney.

The bank’s statement about Bailers medical bills does not address whether Bailors bank account was affected.

In a statement, the bank said it had been “monitoring” Bailars account since January.

“We have been providing all customers with our best information and are continuing to do so,” the statement read.

The Associated Press’ Scott Foval contributed to this report.

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