In India, the population is projected to hit 10 billion by 2030, and as it becomes more and more affluent, the number of household cleaners and home maintenance workers will also grow.

This means there will be an urgent need for service providers that are both skilled and efficient.

This article focuses on India’s top 10 home cleaning service providers.


HomeCare India – HomeCare is an India-based company offering home cleaning services, which include cleaning, maintenance and remodeling services, according to its website.

It has over 150,000 employees in 25 cities across the country, as well as its own dedicated cleaning facility.

It also offers free home cleaning to its customers, who can pick up at the company’s premises.

This service is available for both men and women.

Homecare is a provider of quality home cleaning products, as it is also a provider to the government.

It offers services such as household cleaning, household cleaning appliances, house cleaning services and kitchen cleaning services.


HumbleHome – Humble Home is a leading home cleaning and cleaning services company based in Bengaluru.

HumblyHome has over 100,000 registered customers in 20 cities across India, including Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Hyderdabad, Jaipur, Kolkata, Pune, Jaisalmer, Lucknow and Kolkotwada.

It is a leader in the Indian market in terms of cleaning and house maintenance services.

It works with companies and individuals across the state of Uttar Pradesh, which comprises around 35,000 cities.

HumberlyHome is also the leader in home maintenance, as its services are offered to individuals and corporates across the city of Bengaluru, as per its website and in-store advertisements.

HIBYL Home Care has a strong presence in the city, and is well known in the business community, according the company.

The company also offers a range of free home services, such as cleaning and maintenance services, and home cleaning appliances.

Home Care is one of the most well-known and well-respected home cleaning companies in the state.


Huggies – Huggie has a long and proud history in India, and has been serving the Indian consumers for over 20 years, according its website, which lists its address as Bangalore.

The Huggys home cleaning, laundry and cleaning service is currently available in Mumbai, Mumbai-Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Pune.

HUGGIES services include free home cleanings, house washing, house maintenance and cleaning, and a range to suit any household, according their website.


IKEA India – IKE A is a global furniture and home accessories company that is based in the UK, and the company has been operating in the country for nearly 60 years.

Its website lists its location as Delhi.

The IKE’s home cleaning range is available in Delhi and Mumbai, as mentioned in its website for its customers.

The service provider also provides free home and house cleaning to all customers.

Its services include cleaning and home services for individuals and groups, as required, according IKE.

ILEA offers a wide range of home cleaning brands including cleaning, housekeeping and home care services.

Its home cleaning ranges include house cleaning, cleaning appliances and home appliances, as part of its website listing.


Isoflares – IsoFlares is a cleaning service firm based in Mumbai that offers a free home service and cleaning of homes and offices, according it website.

The services include house and office cleaning, as long as it meets the customer’s needs.

It currently provides home cleaning in Mumbai and Mumbai-Kolkata.

It claims to have over 300,000 customers across 20 cities, including Bengaluru and Mumbai.

The firm also provides home and cleaning appliances to individuals, corporates, corporate, private and public.

6 of India’s Top Home Cleaning Companies 7.

HSI – HomeSis is a brand name for a company which offers a home cleaning suite that includes cleaning, vacuuming and vacuums.

The home cleaning packages available at HSI range from home cleaning by hand, to home cleaning vans and household cleaning service.

Hsi provides home care and cleaning packages for individuals, households and corporations.

HomeSisme also provides cleaning services to individuals through a fleet of service vans and cleaning products.

6 and 8.

Laundry-House – Laundries-House is a house maintenance company based out of Mumbai, India, according online listings.

It recently announced its merger with the company HSI.

Ludds is a cleanliness and housekeeping service that is available to private businesses in India and abroad, according Ludd’s website.

LUDD’S services include home cleaning (cleaning, vacuing, vacumming, and vacuating), home cleaning equipment (washing, drying, cleaning, ventilating, and sterilizing), house cleaning products (hand washing, washing machines, dish

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