Amazon is rolling out a new child protective system to the Big Apple, a move the company hopes will cut down on the cost of reporting suspected abuse.

The Amazon Child Protection System, which launched earlier this year, is designed to provide more information to police, child welfare and other authorities when a child is in a home or school, or in a school-related vehicle.

The service is designed for older children and older adults and is intended to help parents and other family members track child abuse incidents.

In New York City, Amazon has announced plans to expand its child protection program, which will now include all boroughs and include a new platform where parents can submit reports to child protective agencies.

Amazon has been working to expand the child protective program in New York, and announced its plan to expand it to include more than 30 cities on Tuesday.

Amazon announced its plans to add more than 25 new cities, as well.

Amazon said it will work with New York police to develop a process to provide better oversight of reports.

The new plan is intended, in part, to provide an easier way for parents to submit reports, said Michael DellaVigna, director of public policy for Amazon in New England.

He added that the expanded system will also offer the community a place to gather reports, in case someone does come to their home with reports.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has pushed for more children to be reported to authorities, saying children in homes with no guardians need more help, including better training on how to do so.

In the past, child protection reports were usually sent to a single agency, which could not investigate them because of the limited resources available.

But under the expanded program, the New York Police Department will be responsible for investigating child abuse and will be able to provide parents with information about their child’s whereabouts.

A new app for children will be released this fall that will provide parents and children with information on child abuse reports, including how to file them.

Amazon is also adding an app for adults to report suspected abuse, as part of its expanded child protective coverage.

It is the first time that Amazon has added an app to its children’s app, and the company is adding an option to report to police for those who want to report their child to authorities.

The company is also expanding its chat app to include chat with police, the parent, the child and others to help children who want more information, according to the company.

It also plans to make the app free to parents in the coming weeks, and is adding a child protection app that will give parents an option for reporting suspected child abuse.

Amazon said in a statement that it is also rolling out an app that lets parents report suspected child sexual abuse and neglect in their communities.

The company is expanding this app to other cities, and said the app will be free to families in the next few weeks.

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