The company has unveiled its first vehicle that will offer buyers a complete car shopping experience from start to finish.

It will include a range of car services, including leasing, warranty repair and service, plus an online shopping platform.

Honda is making the announcement alongside an industry-first launch of its next generation, flagship electric vehicle, the i3.

The i3 will be launched at a launch event at the Melbourne International Motor Show in early July.

The announcement was made during a media briefing on Friday.

“Today is the launch of the i1, the first of the next generation of Honda’s new vehicles,” said Honda CEO Akio Toyoda.

“[The i1] will be the world’s most innovative electric vehicle.

It is designed to deliver the most advanced and luxurious experience to its customers, with a range from zero to 200 kilometres per charge, with no drop-off times or fuel consumption.”

Toyoda said the i2 will offer a more luxurious and spacious interior, as well as a new powertrain.

He said the car’s styling, performance and technology, will be different from its predecessor.

Toyoda also said that the i4, which will arrive in 2019, will offer the same range as the i5 and will be built on the same platform as the current i3, the company’s flagship electric car.

While Toyota has launched its next-generation Lexus brand, Honda has been developing its own vehicle, which is the i6.

In January, the world announced a new alliance between the two companies to build a hybrid and electric vehicle called the i-Hybrid, but that deal is still being negotiated.

According to the Japanese automaker, the introduction of the hybrid i6 would be the largest vehicle manufacturing investment in the world, and will provide the most sustainable vehicle option.

Despite the announcement, the Japanese carmaker is still waiting for a final deal on the i8, which would allow it to make a hybrid car.

The Japanese automakers first car, the EJ25, is set to arrive in 2021.

This article originally appeared on ABC News.

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