DirectTV has started offering broadband access for its customers via a smartphone app.

The service will allow customers to watch the likes of BBC Sport, ITV’s iPlayer, Sky Sports and the BBC Sport website, as well as a wide range of live content including BBC World News, BBC Sport News and BBC Radio 5 live.

But the BBC said the app was only available to customers in England and Wales.

“This is a service we are building for the UK and it’s about delivering the best experience for our customers,” said Dan Williams, the BBC’s director of consumer products.

“The app will be rolled out across the UK this summer and will come in two versions – the basic and the advanced version.”

It’s an open, robust, secure and free service.

“However, customers in Scotland and Northern Ireland will not be able to access the app from outside the UK.

Williams added that the app would not offer the same features as the basic version, such as the ability to browse and search the BBC TV channel.”

We want to give people the best value for their money, but we can’t do that if we don’t provide them with a choice,” he said.”

There’s no simple way to tell if you want to pay for the basic package, or if you can’t afford the premium package.

“The BBC said that in England, the new service was only offered via a “secure, secure app”, but would expand to other parts of the UK in the future.”

People in Scotland will not have access to this service, so if you live in Scotland you can choose to pay with an app like the BBC or BT,” Williams said.

The BBC says the new version will not offer any of the features of the basic service, such a live stream of the BBC News website or access to a video player.”

As we roll out more of these apps, we will work with the companies and the broadcasters to make sure that the features that you get in the basic app are the same as the features you get from the premium app,” Williams added.”

I’m not sure why it would be hard for a UK customer to choose which service to use.

“The company added that “all of our customers” can access the new app, but that it would have to make changes to ensure that all of its customers have access.”

However, we hope to bring the basic TV service to all customers in the coming weeks.”

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