Uber’s payment protection is a great service for users who don’t like the hassle of going to a PayPal account and checking out their payment, but for those of us who like to pay using PayPal, this service is not for us.

For those of you who want to avoid PayPal’s payment-protection, you have to go with Uber, according to this story from Slate.

It’s a nice little piece of advice for those who don´t like PayPal’s customer service or who are just looking to pay in Bitcoin (or a different currency).

If you are worried about PayPal, Uber might have a solution for you. 

The ride-hailing app Uber announced a service today called “PayPal Direct” that would let customers pay for rides with Bitcoins.

The service is currently only available in San Francisco, Seattle, and Austin.

Users in those cities can make an online reservation for a ride, pay the driver, and receive the ride from the Uber app.

PayPal is a payment-processing company that also offers credit cards and debit cards.

While the payment-service itself is fairly straightforward, there is a bit of a catch.

To make it work, Uber must be able to verify that the Bitcoin transaction was made in the United States, according the company. 

This is a hurdle for most companies that are relying on online payments.

As a result, most people don’t use PayPal directly.

So if you’re in a big city and you want to pay with a credit card, you’ll need to pay for your ride using a bank account or PayPal account.

But when it comes to Bitcoins, Uber says it has a solution.

Uber Direct is the new, more streamlined way for customers to pay without having to use PayPal.

“Uber Direct will let customers use Bitcoin directly on their Uber app and use PayPal to pay at the end of the ride,” Uber said in a statement.

“The Uber Direct payment process will also make sure your ride was delivered safely and securely.

You will not need to use any other payment methods.”

Uber says it’s offering the service for the following cities: San Francisco , Seattle, Austin, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Phoenix, and Portland.

We’re looking forward to testing this out.

I am excited about Uber Direct.

It will be a great way for me to pay off my gas bill, get groceries, or pay for a hotel room.

That’s great news for users of other payment platforms, including Venmo, Credit Karma, and Paypal.

If it’s too much for you, Uber doesn’t plan on charging a fee.

The company says that “it’s too early to know if Uber Direct will increase or decrease the amount of people using Bitcoin or other digital currencies, but it will make it easier for customers and merchants to accept payment for the Uber products and services that they use every day.”

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