A new video shows how foot locker users can contact the customer service line and find out how to access the Foot Locker website.

The video was posted to Youtube by user ‘LazyThing’ on Wednesday, March 12.

It shows the FootLocker customer service team in action.

“I’ve been using Foot Locks for about two weeks now and I’m having some problems with my foot,” the FootLocker user states.

“What’s the problem?”

FootLocks are designed to prevent foot traffic from getting into the locker.

The FootLockers app allows users to add their own features to their lockers, such as “free entry” and “noise reduction”.

The FootLockers website is accessible from the lockers home screen.

FootLocking customers have a range of different options to choose from including “free”, “no noise”, “seating area”, “free access”, and “free”.

The app also allows users “to add as many features as they want, and when they want them they can be delivered to them in the app”.

“There’s no option for you to turn off noise reduction or free access,” the user explains.

FootLock apps can also be purchased for $5 each.

The customer service representative responds, “Well, you could add your own features.”

The Footlockers team then walks through how to create your own lockers.

“You could add a free access area,” the customer continues.

“Or if you want to add noise reduction you could get the noise reduction app.

Or you could choose your own ‘noise limit’.” The Foot Lockers customer service reps continue to explain how to choose the best option for the customer.

The app allows customers to choose a number of options, including free access, free entry, free noise reduction, free access with noise, or no noise.

“The free access option is pretty basic but it will help you to get the most out of your experience,” the Customer Service representative explains.

The user also states that “free noise reduction is great for those who don’t like the noise.”

The user concludes that they would like to add free access.

The team then explains how to get their own locker, which includes a locking mechanism.

“We have the best locking system on the planet,” the foot locker user states in the Foot Locker video.

“It’s all in the software.

We have all of the functions you need to lock your locker to.

It’s the only lockers you can get.”

The customer services representative says, “You’re probably going to have a lot of questions.”

The team concludes by offering some suggestions on how to use the Footlocker app.

Foot Lock apps are available for iOS and Android devices.

Users can purchase the app from the app store.

The App Store is an online marketplace for software, music, video and more.

News24 contacted the Foot lockers customer support team to find out more about the app.

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