India’s telecom regulator has asked telecom operators to offer internet service that is free of charge to customers.

The ministry of information and broadcasting has announced the new initiative, which aims to make India a leader in digital services.

It has also sought advice on the best way to ensure that internet services are available in every corner of the country.

India has more than one billion internet users, which are mostly rural and rural-based.

In some areas, they are also dependent on government subsidies for internet services.

However, there are growing concerns about internet usage among rural households in India, particularly among the poor.

Many Indians do not have access to broadband, which means they can’t get the internet to the homes they need to get work done, including on their mobile phones.

Internet providers have also come under fire in recent years for charging for internet access and charging for data roaming, which is the process of connecting mobile phones and using internet services from a centralised network.

India’s internet service providers (ISPs) were also criticised last year for allegedly charging users for data usage, even when the data usage was not significant.

In its latest consultation, the ministry of industry and information technology (MII) has asked the telecom operators about how they can ensure that users of their services have access at the lowest possible price to internet services without degrading services and increasing prices for other consumers.

The government has asked telcos to report the recommendations by December 31.

It also asked them to explain how they are ensuring that customers of their telecom services are not charged excessive charges, and why it is important to ensure the right level of service.

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