The postal service is an essential component of the city’s public services and the country’s economy.

It provides services to citizens, residents and tourists, including the daily delivery of mail and packages.

It also has a strong presence in Tel Aviv’s Jewish neighborhoods, including Kfar Naamim and Kibbutz Kfar HaShlomo, and in the city center.

However, in the past, the post office has suffered from poor performance, which led to delays and the closure of many of its offices in recent years.

On Wednesday, Amazon announced that it will be taking over the post service for Israel.

The post office will be renamed the Tel Aviv Post and will operate as a public and private partnership.

The move is a major victory for the city and a step toward fulfilling the government’s goal of bringing back the post-World War II era. 

The post offices in Tel-Aviv and Haifa have been closed since the beginning of the post war era, when the city was occupied by Israel and the army.

The city was under the control of the Israeli occupation until Israel was defeated by the Arab armies in 1967.

In the post post war period, the Tel-aviv and Givati post offices were shuttered, and the post offices have been under a state of emergency for years.

The post office in Givat Shmuel, one of Tel Aviv City’s most historic neighborhoods, was also closed in 2011 after the assassination of former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.

In 2016, the Israel Post lost a lawsuit against the Israeli government for a lack of funding, and lost a bid for state-owned monopoly status.

In a 2015 ruling, the court ruled that the government was violating the post monopoly law, which requires a monopoly to be able to serve a city, including Tel Aviv.

In order to reopen the post and restore the post services, Amazon has to secure a contract from the government to buy out the postoffice.

It must also be able prove that the post is “not profitable,” according to the Ministry of Economy and Tourism.

The ministry’s position was that the state monopoly law was “unnecessary, unenforceable and unnecessary for the government.”

According to the ministry, Amazon would have to pay the price of having the post in its hands.

The ministry said the purchase price is $9 billion, or $3.5 billion per year, which will be paid by Amazon.

The government will also have to guarantee that the Amazon deal will not impact the post’s ability to operate efficiently, as well as ensure that the Post Office has the necessary financial resources to maintain and upgrade the post facilities.

In an interview with The Times of Israel, David Levy, the Post’s CEO, said that “in the near future, we’ll be ready to open all our post offices to Amazon.”

The post service was founded in 1917 and was originally operated by the Haifa Post Office, which is still in existence.

The Post Office in Haifa also has branches in Tel Hashomer, Jerusalem, Ramat Gan and Kiryat Arba.

The government, in fact, bought out the HaIFA post office for $20 million in 2015.

Since then, the Haaretz Post Office had to close its doors, with the last Post Office still open in Haaretz.

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