I got to the pump of my local gas station on a Friday afternoon and noticed the sign posted on the side of the pumps.



I stopped by to get my check, but a clerk had already walked away.

The next time I’d pay, the clerk would get the check and not call me back.

“This is just not right,” I said to the clerk, who then explained to me that I had to go to the bank and pay with a credit card.

I was shocked.

The bank did not accept credit cards at all.

So I had no choice but to call a gas company and ask to use their credit card, which was only $25, and then pay with cash.

They would then write it off on the bill.

The gas company would write it back.

I couldn’t believe I was being duped.

I called the company and asked what the problem was.

I got a strange, confused response: “No problem, but it’s not your problem.

We’re going to take care of it.”

I was told they were taking care of the problem.

So, I left.

The other night, I called my credit card company to complain.

They told me the company had stopped taking their debit cards and would only accept credit card payments.

I asked if I could get a refund.

I’d already used their debit card at a gas pump, so it didn’t seem to be a big deal.

I explained the situation to the cashier at the other gas station and asked if she could get the customer service person on the phone.

She told me that the company is just taking the credit card payment off the bill and not writing it off.

I gave her my number and called her back.

She said that the problem had been solved, and she’d be there soon.

The same day, I went to another gas station to pay with credit cards.

I had a few other cards in my wallet and told the cashiers to use my debit card, but they told me to use cash.

I told them I would pay with my credit cards anyway.

They said, “No, no, we can’t take your debit cards off the credit cards.”

I asked why.

“Because they don’t accept them at all,” they said.


I asked.

“They don’t have enough cash.”

They told my friend that they were going to write off the money, but then they started calling the gas company to write it all off.

The cashier told me they had already gotten their cash out, and they’d write it on the next bill.

So my friend’s debit card was still in her wallet.

She called my bank and asked to have her money written off, too.

They had my cash and the gas money, so they told her that if she didn’t have my credit to cover it, she would have to pay for the gas.

So she got the credit, but when she got home she discovered her credit card was being charged with the gas bill.

She tried to call the gas plant, but no one was answering.

She went to the gas pump to complain, but the gas workers were still not taking her credit cards, either.

“It’s not just about the gas,” she told me.

“There’s also the customer support.”

The same night I went out, I got another call from the same gas station.

They’d told me my credit had been written off and that they couldn’t take the gas out of my account.

They asked if my credit was still valid.

I said yes, but that I didn’t want to take it out again because the gas was full.

I left a voicemail with the manager, who said, in all seriousness, “It doesn’t seem like you have any problems, but we’re going down the road to write you off.”

I told her, “But you didn’t tell us the truth about the fraud.

You just lied to us.”

He told me, “Well, I’m sorry, but I have to ask.

You said that you had to call us for cash payments, but you didn

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