The Secret Services Secret Service has responded to multiple customer complaints regarding their store in Kingsman, Tennessee, where a customer was allegedly assaulted by a security guard who refused to put his arm around a woman.

The Secret has not confirmed that an employee was injured in the incident, but has stated that an investigation is ongoing.

The incident was captured on video by a customer who recorded the incident on his mobile phone.

The store owner, James L. Waddell, told ABC News that his security guards had a different explanation for the incident than the one that the Secret Services gave the news outlets.

The security guard told the customer that the security guard’s arm was holding her arm and that he was going to put it around her because he was scared, Waddels family said in a statement to ABC News.

“The security guard explained that his arm was there to protect his life and that the woman was a threat,” Waddells family said.

The employee also allegedly told the woman that he had a knife and that she could not come into the store because he “was going to kill her,” Wadsons family said, adding that the guard also told the employee that the police were coming to investigate.

“This has never happened before in our store,” the store owner said.

“We are thankful for the officers and the support we have had from the community.”

The Secret posted a statement on Twitter saying, “The Secret Service takes all reports of violence and misconduct extremely seriously and will investigate the incident thoroughly.

We have zero tolerance for any form of violence or harassment.

We are dedicated to ensuring that everyone feels safe at all times.”

ABC News’ Anna Paskin contributed to this report.

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