Gordon Ramsay’s “Thick & Crunchy” beef and chicken sandwiches are in demand by many, and now his latest take on them has gone viral.

The BBC’s Food Network show is set to air a special on Sunday that features a chef from his home in Bolton, England, who is responsible for cooking the burgers.

After watching the show, he told the BBC that he is “not a meat eater” and that he would never make his own meat sandwich.

“If it was me, I would make my own meat [but] I’m a butcher so I can’t,” he said.

“It’s like I’m trying to eat a hamburger.

You’re not supposed to do that.”

He added: “I’ll probably be out of work for a few months.”

He told the broadcaster that the burgers would have to be a certain size for the network’s meat content.

“It has to be exactly the same size that it is for the meat.

That means it has to have a certain texture, it has a certain weight to it,” he told BBC Breakfast.”

You can’t get the same texture in a smaller sandwich.

I can eat a bigger sandwich than that and it will be more dense and I’ll be able to eat more meat.”

He added that he could not get the meat to the correct temperature as it was too salty, and it needed to be cooked “just right”.

He told BBC Radio 5 Live that he made his own beef and poultry sandwiches at home using “dry rubs and some extra ingredients”.

“I use a little bit of lemon juice and some herbs,” he explained.

“You can use whatever flavour you want to use, I’m not a meat eater.”

The programme will also feature a guest chef from a local butcher who will make his mark on the recipe.

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