DHL has confirmed it has registered its customer service numbers in Ireland but says it does not have a database to track who is on the number.

Dish Network said it had no record of who its customers were, but it was not immediately clear whether it was the same person who had been on the register in the US.DHL said it was working with the Irish government to establish the validity of the numbers and that it is working with Irish police to investigate the matter.

A spokesman for DHL told RTE: “DHL does not maintain a database of customer service calls and no customer service call is recorded in Ireland.”DHL is working to establish if the information contained in the customer service register in Ireland is valid.

“If it is not, we will ensure that we update our customer service registration to ensure it is.

We do not have access to the details in our register of customers and we will not provide customer service details to any third party unless required by law.”

The information contained on the customer support register in Irish is subject to an annual audit by DHL.

“A spokesperson for Dish Network in the UK said: “We are committed to transparency in all of our operations and do not provide any information to the public about our customers, customers’ information or customer service.

“It said it will not be commenting on the matter until the matter is resolved.DISH NETWORK said it “does not maintain or share customer service information with third parties”, adding that it has not been asked to provide details on the registration in Ireland by the Irish authorities.

The number of customers who have registered their DHL customer service accounts in Ireland has risen to 5.8 million from 4.9 million last year.

The numbers show that Ireland’s third biggest carrier, which has a fleet of around 1.2 million cars, has had a very busy year with its network of more than 800 million miles being upgraded and it is the most popular carrier in Ireland for new customers.

The Irish carrier’s network has seen the most growth in the last year and has also seen the biggest fall in customers.

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