In the post-Christmas rush, it is easy to forget that it is Christmas Eve, and that you are not in Dublin.

You are in a suburb of Melbourne, Australia. 

The post office is open from 11.00am to 8.00pm, and most days it is busy.

A few minutes’ walk away, a new and old-fashioned taxi, a few shops and a new restaurant, with a couple of old-timey pubs and a couple more pubs and cafes, are open to all, but only in a limited number of locations.

It is almost as if the people of Ireland do not know how to live in the present.

This is not a new problem.

Cab drivers, for example, are in the middle of the recession and are finding it hard to make money.

The demand for taxis is still high and the cost of insurance is high.

So, many drivers are looking for a cheaper alternative.

The number of taxis in the Irish market has fallen by 50% since 2008, to around 10,000.

The industry is struggling.

In a recent survey of about 500 taxi drivers by a group of taxi and hire companies, the average income of the drivers was €1,500 a month, a decrease of €1 a day from the previous survey.

This has caused some drivers to be left with little choice but to work for their families.

The average income for the drivers surveyed was €2,300 a month.

This means that, for the people who drive taxis, the majority of their income is dependent on the wages of the other drivers.

This, in turn, means that they do not have enough money to pay the bills.

The majority of drivers also depend on tips, which is a small amount of money.

In addition, many cab drivers do not pay taxes.

“It is a very tough time for the taxi industry in Ireland,” said Mr. John.

“Taxi drivers are struggling.

They have to be on top of their bills and pay their employees, so they have to pay their drivers to drive the vehicles.

It has been said that it was inevitable that the Irish taxi industry would need to find a way of surviving in a post-recession world, said Mr John. “

There is a huge problem in the industry.”

It has been said that it was inevitable that the Irish taxi industry would need to find a way of surviving in a post-recession world, said Mr John.

In the meantime, taxi drivers are getting a lot of money, but it is not enough to survive on.

“If we want to survive, we need to have the right people in the business.

There are many who have done well, but there are others who have not done well,” said the taxi driver.

He said that he was in the best shape he has been in years.

“I am in a better position than I was before.

I have a pension, a house and I have everything I could have dreamed of,” he said.

“But I have not had the money to buy a car.”

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