The Washington D.C. area’s two major carriers have come under fire from the consumer advocacy group Consumer Watchdog, which is now launching a new campaign to raise awareness of what it calls “corporate malfeasance” and the dangers that they pose to consumers.

On Tuesday, the group released a report that says in some cases, consumers have paid millions of dollars in premiums for phones that don’t contain the antivirus software that is supposed to protect against a virus.

And in some instances, carriers are charging customers fees for products that are not as effective as the antiviral software, the report says.

Here are the top 10 most costly products and how much they cost consumers in the U.S. and around the world: 1.

Samsung Galaxy S3: $939.95 2.

Samsung Note 2: $634.98 3.

Samsung G3: 3,700.00 4.

LG G3 : 2,950.00 5.

Motorola Droid Turbo: 2,500.00 6.

Samsung GS4: 2.965.00 7.

HTC 10: 2.,965 8.

Apple iPhone 6: 2199.99 9.

Google Pixel: 2299.99 10.

Nokia Lumia 1520: 2,,,,11.

Motorola Moto X: 2200.00 The report found that in some states, customers have been paying up to $5,000 for phones without the antiviruses.

For example, in New York, customers were charged an extra $7.99 for a phone that was not available through Verizon.

And some carriers are even charging customers for phones with antivirus-free versions of their software.

Consumers have also been charged $20 for the phone without antivirus.

Consumer Watchdogs executive director Ed Whitacre said in a statement that “corporations that charge consumers to upgrade their devices to new versions of software that they don’t require and that don, in some way, subsidize the software companies’ ability to make money off the phones, should be held to account.”

Whitacre’s report comes as the industry faces increasing scrutiny over the risks that it takes to keep their customers from being infected.

The company said in its report that it will soon publish a “Consumer’s Guide” that it plans to use to raise consumer awareness of the risks of the products.

It also said it will work with other consumer advocacy groups to highlight these risks, as well as provide consumers with free advice on how to protect themselves.

The report says that in the past year, Verizon has launched a “special promotion” that will offer customers a free phone upgrade for a year.

That offer has since been discontinued.

The phone will cost $10.99.

But consumers have been charged an additional $3.99 in order to make the purchase, the consumer watchdog said.

Verizon did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Consumers can also call the company at 1-800-857-5553 and ask for a free, no-risk, no questions asked, phone consultation with a representative of the Consumer Protection Bureau.

The Consumer Protection bureau’s Consumer Assistance Hotline is 1-877-945-4200.

Consumer advocates say that if Verizon and other carriers are going to continue to charge consumers for products they don’ t require, it should also make it more difficult for consumers to get the services they need.

The group also pointed out that the government is now required by law to protect consumers from “unnecessary, unreasonable and fraudulent” charges, including those made by carriers.

Consumer groups say that companies should be required to disclose their prices for the products that consumers are buying.

For instance, if a consumer is getting a phone with a one-year contract that is not the one-time price of $2,999.99, and Verizon charges $1,199.95 for the contract, the Consumer Reports consumer advocacy project found that Verizon’s charges for the two-year service were $624.95.

“If the company’s practices are so bad, why should consumers have to pay for it?,” said Consumer Watchders spokeswoman Mary E. D’Ambrosio.

“There’s a simple fix: The Federal Communications Commission should mandate that all major phone carriers make their customers aware of the cost of antivirus, and let consumers know what they can do to protect their financial interests by avoiding these unnecessary and fraudulent charges.”

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