Parents of children in the United States may not have to worry about their kids’ safety on the Internet.

The Federal Communications Commission voted Friday to extend its rules for online safety, which require ISPs to take reasonable steps to prevent kids from being abused, stalked, and bullied online.

The rules also mandate that ISPs block minors from accessing certain sites that are known to be harmful to minors.

But they are subject to a host of other restrictions, such as requiring that ISPs give parents a clear warning before blocking an online service.

The FCC rules are the latest to target online harassment.

In December, Congress passed a law requiring ISPs to block child porn sites and to give parents access to their children’s private messages.

And last month, the Federal Trade Commission announced it was launching a $2.3 million campaign to prevent Internet predators from buying, selling, or using children’s images.

In response, several internet companies have offered to help parents avoid getting online scammed by predators, including Google and Facebook.

They have said that parents can choose to opt out of blocking certain sites, or simply block them entirely.

But that can leave their kids with nowhere to turn if they get caught up in a scam or abuse.

Here’s how to avoid being scammed on the web, according to the companies.

If you’re having trouble finding the most recent version of this story, visit the ABC News website.

For more on online safety and the FCC rules, visit:

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