A customer service rep from AT&T in Los Angeles told me that she was able to reach out to her tech support team by phone.

After a couple of weeks, she received a call from a rep from the company’s customer service team.

It was an AT&ltim customer service representative who told her that the AT&gt customer service department was looking into her issue and would be contacting her to work out the issue with the company.

She was told that she could contact them through the phone, but the rep said that she would need to send an email and she would be in touch.

She said that the representative said she could reach out via email or phone.

When she called back to confirm that, the rep assured her that they were looking into the matter and that she should be on her way.

The rep said they would send an “emails, calls, and texts” to her email address as soon as possible.

When I called AT&tt customer service on Tuesday afternoon to speak with a rep who said they could reach her, the response was “we can’t do that because we don’t have the technology to reach you.”

She said that AT&ts customer service had not yet responded to her emails about her issue, so she would have to contact AT& t customer support to get an answer.

AT&TT spokesperson Scott Weidlinger told me on Tuesday that he could not confirm that ATts customer support would be reaching out to its customer service people, but it is a possibility.

ATtt spokesperson Joe Sullivan told me they do not comment on rumors or speculation.

I have reached out to AT&ot customer service and AT&tp rep for comment.

AT &gt rep for customer service told me in an email that they could not comment because AT&tm customer service has not yet contacted her.

I asked AT&rt customer service if they were investigating my issue.

ATgt rep replied, “We have no further comment on this.”

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