Verizon customer-satisfaction data has been a key selling point for the carrier for years.

Now, it’s also helping it to keep customers happy.

As part of its new customer-support initiatives, Verizon is now allowing customers to share their numbers with each other via text message or email.

The company says the feature is an effort to ensure customers can get in touch when something goes wrong with their account.

“Verizon customers who want to share numbers with friends and family can do so using text messaging or email,” the company said.

“It’s easy to add new numbers to a contact list, send messages, or just text ‘share.'”

Verizon says the number sharing feature is a new way for customers to get in contact with each others’ numbers, and will be rolling it out to all of its customers starting Monday.

The number sharing is part of a new initiative to improve customer service.

In a new blog post, Verizon said it will now be offering customer service updates through its website and mobile apps.

These updates will help customers see the status of their accounts, as well as provide suggestions for things to look out for when their accounts are down.

Verizon also says it is adding a “push notifications” section to its customer service app that will let customers know when they should expect an update or when an outage is expected.

The service will also be launching a mobile app that gives customers a simple way to ask questions about customer service to help them make more informed decisions about their accounts.

Verizion is also adding new customer service representatives in areas where it has a strong presence, including New York City, Boston, Miami, Chicago and Washington, D.C. Verizon says it also is adding more locations in areas with weak customer service as well.

The carrier says it will soon have a dedicated customer-services team for each of these locations.

The carrier also is rolling out a new voice call feature, which it says is designed to help customers quickly reach customers in areas that have difficulty making phone calls.

It will allow customers to ask the number of the person who is calling them, and if it is not in the area, will prompt the customer to call the customer-contact person.

Verzion also is testing a new feature called “customer engagement” that lets customers opt-in to get a call on their phone and send them an SMS to get the caller’s number.

This is meant to help boost customer satisfaction and customer service among customers who have opted-in.

Verizon is also rolling out the first wave of customer service alerts that it says will provide more detailed, personalized information to customers on what is going on with their accounts and what they can do to improve their experience.

Verisig has been adding customer service reps to its retail stores and its online stores.

The new customer assistance tools also allow customers and partners to ask more questions and get more help from the company.

Verity also says that it is making some changes to its website so that it no longer has a banner advertisement for customers.

This banner advertisement has been part of the online experience for years and is still prominently displayed on the site, and it will no longer appear on the home page.

Verizons new customer services app is also being rolled out to customers.

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