Now Playing: The tech world has been shaken by a series of cyberattacks that have disrupted a wide range of industries Now Playing – Apple says it’s investigating its security and privacy practices Now Playing New software, the company says, can help keep you safer in the world Now Playing “What you do matters” for businesses in the digital age Now Playing Here’s how to fix the #MeToo problem Now Playing A new generation of social workers is coming to the rescue of your loved ones Now Playing ‘I don’t want a ‘me’ for my mother’: What it’s like to deal with ‘a’ in life Now Playing Meet the top 10 ways to make the most of a social life Now Play ‘The secret life of a startup CEO’: How to make your life even better Now Playing The ‘biggest tech story’ of 2017 So Far: From Snapchat to Airbnb to Uber Now Playing This is the time to start thinking big, say Silicon Valley leaders Now Playing Why you should care about Facebook Now Playing Uber launches new $2 million fund to fund driverless cars Now Playing Elon Musk has a lot to say about Uber Now Over $5 billion raised in 2018 by companies seeking to disrupt the taxi business Now Playing Tech startup founders are investing in their own companies that could make a big difference in the future Now Playing Amazon and Google will pay $5 million for 10% of a New York University research project Now Playing Google says it will stop making the same ads that make up ads Now Playing Tesla and Elon Musk say they’re making progress on a driverless car that will eventually drive to the moon

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