Posted September 16, 2018 08:51:54Apple Watch users will soon be able to unlock their watches with an in-app “sensor” that detects your movements, Apple said today.

In the future, Apple Watch users can take advantage of Siri’s built-in gesture recognition to unlock the device.

The feature will be available in the Apple Watch app, the new version of the iOS platform that is launching with the new iPhone 8 and Apple Watch Series 3.

Apple Watch owners will soon have a way to enable Siri to unlock a watch or a connected Apple Watch via an in the watch app.

The capability will come with the next iOS update that will be released later this year.

A new version will allow users to enable gesture recognition when unlocking a watch, but it will only work for the new watch version.

Users can turn it off with the settings button on the AppleWatch app.

Apple has previously said it will launch an app for users to turn on gesture recognition on the new Apple Watch and iOS devices later this month.

The new version includes some new features that make the feature work better on Apple Watch than on iOS.

For instance, the app will detect when you’re walking, looking at an object, and taking a sip of water.

These are all gestures that users have traditionally seen in Siri on the iPhone, Apple says.

But gesture recognition is now able to detect all these different actions.

For example, when you walk, you can tap the “move” button to bring up the Apple Health app.

Or you can swipe your wrist up to take a sip.

The app also will now recognize when you take a drink and say, “okay, I’ve taken a drink.”

Apple also says it will enable gesture detection on the next generation Apple Watch, which is expected to launch later this summer.

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