Citibanks customers say their bank account numbers and credit reports have been erased by a tech company in an attempt to hide fraud, a customer service rep told The Washington Post on Tuesday.

The customer service department at Citibans main customer service agency in Florida, Citibas Florida customer service center, has been deleting customers’ customer service records from its servers in an effort to protect its customers from fraudulent activity, said spokeswoman Michelle Ruggiero.

Ruggie said she was unable to comment further because the matter is under investigation.

RuggierOvernight, Citigroup and Bank of America announced the creation of a new, independent consumer protection unit focused on fraud and identity theft.

It will have a similar mandate to the Federal Trade Commission, which has also expanded its investigations into consumer issues.

The Federal Trade Commissioner said last week that it would look into the issue of consumer protection from Citiban.

The news comes after the Justice Department last week filed a lawsuit against Citibanking and Bankof America, accusing them of violating antitrust laws by using fraud as a means to get more business.

In January, a federal judge ordered CitibANK and Bank to return $7 billion to consumers, and ordered the companies to pay $5.9 billion in punitive damages to victims.

The lawsuit accused the companies of misleading customers and customers of other banks and credit unions about fraud and the dangers of credit card fraud.

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