A recent cyberattack on Amazon Prime customers’ accounts resulted in the loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of data, and a breach of Amazon’s security, the company said on Wednesday.

The data theft came about after Amazon customer service breached the Amazon Payments API, the Amazon Payment Service, an Amazon Web Services (AWS) service that handles payments for all Amazon customers, including Prime customers.

In a statement, Amazon said it is working to restore customer data, including those accounts used to make purchases on Amazon’s marketplace.

The breach of customer information affected about 1 million Prime customers and caused them to lose their access to payments for Amazon’s popular Prime product.

The company did not say when it first became aware of the breach.

A spokeswoman for Amazon said that it is investigating and has begun to roll out fixes for the breach, but did not specify how long it will take.

A breach of the Amazon Pay API has occurred before, but not with the same level of severity, Amazon Pay spokesman Eric Johnson told CNNMoney.

Last month, Amazon revealed that it had been hacked by hackers, including one that compromised the payment service for more than 10 million customers.

The Prime account data breach, though, was different, with customers losing access to their credit cards and bank accounts.

The hackers took credit card data, bank statements, and the purchase histories of Prime customers, as well as other personal information.

According to Johnson, the breach affected a small number of users.

The Amazon Payment API is a way to make payments for online purchases, and it is used by Prime customers to make the purchases.

Customers can use the API to make payment payments through their bank account, Amazon Payments or PayPal, Johnson said.

Amazon Prime customers also can make payments via the Payment Gateway, a service that lets customers make payments through the Amazon Echo device, which can make and receive payments, and by using the Amazon Cloud Drive, a cloud storage service that allows customers to store their payment data.

Amazon said it did not have any details about how the data was stolen or how long the data could be accessed, and added that it does not have access to customer credit card information.

A security breach of Prime accounts is a risk for many large companies, said Alex Burda, the director of security and threat management at cybersecurity firm Errata Security.

He said that a breach could also compromise data from other Amazon services.

Amazon has been a pioneer in developing payment solutions for businesses.

Amazon Pay and Prime have become popular among business customers.

The company has also built a robust online payment infrastructure that helps merchants earn revenue by charging customers using the Prime service.

In August, Amazon announced a new service called Amazon Go, which is aimed at businesses and individuals who are looking to simplify their payments, while offering customers convenience.

Amazon Go offers a way for merchants to accept payment using an Amazon Prime-branded card or gift card that is secured by the company.

Customers pay for the service using a card that has a security code.

The card then goes into the Amazon Go app on Amazon devices and into a customer’s bank account.

The security breach was discovered by a third party, and Amazon has not disclosed the name of the individual who accessed the breach in the public interest, Burdas said.

In addition, it is unclear what information was stolen and whether the data breach impacted Prime customers who are not currently using the service.

The loss of customer data has the potential to disrupt the way Prime customers use their accounts and hurt the company’s revenue.

Amazon’s Prime payment system, which allows customers who have purchased Amazon’s products and services to make Amazon Payments, was the first payment system to be disrupted by a data breach.

Prime customers who lose access to payment information could be left out of the flow of payments and unable to use Amazon’s new Prime app.

In addition, Amazon has lost revenue from its Prime service and is likely to have to slash its price.

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