The internet has been the focus of a number of major stories over the past year.

Some of those stories were about issues with the internet service providers (ISPs), and others were about the government cracking down on internet service, which in Australia is a bit like cracking down in other countries.

But the story of the internet has also been about the internet’s ability to provide a form of communication for the unbanked, and a lot of people, including the Federal Government, want to put an end to that.

The Federal Government has made its case for a national broadband network, which is one of the things the broadband industry, which owns the vast majority of internet service in Australia, has been pushing for.

The Coalition government has put forward a plan that would require all Australians to have a broadband connection, and it is also the reason that ISPs have been complaining about a lack of affordable access to the internet.

It has also led to calls for changes to the existing laws around internet service to ensure that it is not a monopoly.

A lot of the problems with the NBN have been due to the government’s plans to roll out the NBN in some of the most remote parts of Australia.

And that is where the internet connectivity problem comes in.

One of the first things the Federal government did when it announced the NBN was to build a nationwide fibre network.

But with a new technology being introduced every couple of years, it was not obvious that the network would last beyond its initial lifespan of ten years.

So it took several years to build up the network and the construction of the network was completed in 2013.

And then, as with all large infrastructure projects, the network started to fail.

At the time, the failure was caused by the fact that the new fibre network was designed to run over a much smaller section of the land than the network that was in place at the time.

This was because of the way in which the network is laid out and the fact the network has been laid out on land that was previously used to build other infrastructure.

The new fibre was designed as a superfast connection that was supposed to run at speeds of up to 100 gigabits per second, but it failed to deliver the advertised speeds of 100Gbps, and so the NBN went bankrupt in the middle of 2013.

Now, the Federal Network Minister, Kevin Andrews, has said that the NBN is in “full recovery” after a massive rollout in 2014 and that it has been able to meet the expectations of the Australian people.

In a statement released last week, he said that “there is no longer any need for any additional infrastructure to be built”.

But he has also said that it will cost $1 billion to install the network, and that the Federal Treasurer, Scott Morrison, has promised that the Government will spend $1.8 billion to build the network.

“In light of the Government’s ongoing commitment to deliver $1 trillion of investment in the NBN over the next five years, the Government has committed to spend $7 billion of the $7.6 billion that it intends to spend in 2019 to invest in the next generation of fibre to the node (FTTN) network,” the statement read.

This means that it would cost $6 billion to upgrade the existing fibre network that is currently under construction, and the NBN will still need to build more infrastructure to run it.

So the Government is looking at a $1bn investment to upgrade existing fibre to deliver fibre to everyone in the country.

That’s a lot more than the NBN costs now, but, unfortunately, the cost of building the network will go up even more over the coming years.

And it’s also going to cost the Government more money to operate the network in the future, which means that the cost to keep the network running will go down over time.

That’s not to say that there isn’t a silver lining in the current NBN rollout.

There are, however, a number issues that have come up in the rollout that have been caused by this lack of investment.

For example, the rollout has been hampered by a lack and uncertainty around how the NBN would work with the existing copper network, particularly the copper network that covers the eastern and northern parts of the country and is already under construction.

That means that, with the copper in place, the NBN can’t get internet to people who live further west.

But if the copper is replaced with the FTTN network, it should be possible to access the NBN with a higher speed than with the old copper network.

However, the FTNT network is already being used in remote areas, and people are still not being able to connect to it.

Another issue that has come up is the issue of the NBN not being connected to the old national broadband networks.

In February, NBN Co announced that the government had “rejected the proposal to extend the NBN’s existing fibre optic network

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