AUSTIN, Texas — Amazon has more than 1 million streaming subscribers, and it has more subscribers than it ever had before, according to a new analysis.

The company’s recent stream of video shows it has surpassed the 2 million mark for the first time in the last five years.

The report comes from a new research firm, iSpot, that has done similar research for Netflix and Hulu, and shows the number of streaming subscribers has risen from 1.8 million in December of last year to 1.9 million this month.

It comes after Netflix and Amazon had recently said that they would start reaching out to subscribers to try to boost their streaming numbers.

“We’ve seen a steady increase in our customers over the past five years,” said Jefferies analyst Mike Cushman in a statement.

The company had about 1.5 million subscribers at the end of last December, according the company.

Netflix and Hulu have been struggling to gain more subscribers since they launched, and iSpot says their subscriber growth has slowed since then.

Amazon was the fastest-growing TV provider in the United States last year, and has had to deal with some of the industry’s most stringent content regulations.

For instance, the streaming giant recently banned content from its services like its popular video streaming service Prime Video and its original shows like Amazon Prime Video.

Amazon has also recently come under fire for its video streaming policy that bans movies that contain violence, including movies like “The Dark Knight Rises,” and shows like “Star Trek: Discovery.”

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