Spectrum customers may be forced to pay an extra £12.80 if they miss a week of their contract, with customers affected by the move being given an opportunity to appeal.

The move comes after the Government announced the “biggest ever” rise in tariffs on broadband, which were to increase by an extra 4% over the next two years.

The UK’s main telecoms regulator said it was not “appropriate” for consumers to miss out on a week’s tariff when they have signed up to a new broadband contract.

But it said customers could still be affected if they missed the time period for their contract.

“The Government’s proposed changes will mean that if you have signed a new contract with an operator during the past 30 days, but miss out the week-long tariff period, you will be entitled to an adjustment to your tariffs if you are able to pay the difference, in line with current market prices,” the regulator said in a statement.

“Customers will also have the option of requesting an extension of their tariff if they wish to continue to have their broadband service available at that time.

The tariff increase is part of the Government’s plan to improve the UK’s digital economy, which is facing an ageing population, rising costs, and an increasing proportion of its households opting to cut back on internet use.

It comes after an announcement earlier this month that CenturyLink’s internet services would be cut by an additional 4%, leaving customers facing an extra cost of £5.88 per month for their broadband plan.

The company, which has a £1.3 billion annual turnover, announced the move in a blog post on Thursday.

It said it would make “every effort to provide our customers with a competitive price”.”

Our broadband plans include some of the most advanced features available in the industry,” CenturyLink said.”

But these offerings have to be competitive and we want to deliver a level playing field for customers who want the best broadband possible for them and their families.

“The move to cut internet service comes after a report last month found internet users were “on average” paying £6.5 more per month to access broadband than their counterparts in other European countries.

However, a spokesman for the British Retail Consortium (BRC), which represents the UK telecoms industry, said it did not “understand the reasoning” for the move.”

This move would only apply to the internet service we currently provide to our customers,” the spokesman said.

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