You can buy an iPad Air (2016) for around £250 from the UK’s largest retailers.

The company that owns the device says that the device can be bought online in the UK for £229.99 and you can also get one from the retailer directly from Apple.

If you’ve already bought an iPad, you can return the device for a full refund within 14 days.

The deal is available to US users only, although we don’t know how many Apple Stores will have this deal in place.

Apple does not provide an example for what happens if you buy an iPhone or iPad from the US, but we assume that if you’re on the same network as the retailer, you’ll be able to buy the device.

The iPad Air is the latest Apple device to come with Touch ID, a new fingerprint scanner, and a new Face ID feature.

If Apple were to release an iPhone with Touch IDs, we’d expect to see it in a more affordable range of price tags.

Apple’s new iPad Air has been announced in two models, the 64GB iPad Air 2 and the 128GB iPad Pro.

The 64GB model will be available for £349 and the 32GB model is available for $399.

We’ll let you know when the new 64GB iPads are available.

Apple also announced new accessories, including a new earbud with a retractable microphone, and the new Apple EarPod, a USB-C headphones-in-a-headphone.

The new EarPods are available for just £15 and will come with wireless charging.

If we were to review an Apple device, we would likely buy one with wireless connectivity and be happy with its performance.

Apple is planning a new lineup of iPads for the fall and we’ll be sure to bring you our full review of the new iPads in the coming weeks.

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