I recently moved to the US, and have a few questions about my experience with Walmart’s customer service.

What’s the most common complaint I’ve heard about Walmart customer services?

The most common complaints that I’ve encountered with Walmart customer support in Texas and in Florida were: The customer service representatives at Walmart are very aggressive and rude.

They ask me for a lot of questions, then refuse to answer them.

The customers have a hard time understanding the company’s services and are often left frustrated.

Walmart is just not friendly.

My questions about customer service at Walmart include: How do I know if my questions have been answered?

What if I have a question that is not answered?

What if I want to change my opinion about the service?

How do we make our experience better?

Walmart is a private company.

How do you know if the customer service representative you have with you has met the company-wide standards for customer service?

Walmart has a strong reputation in Texas for being friendly and helpful.

Are Walmart customer relations staff members trained to help people with issues?

I work at a private organization and I have questions about how Walmart employees can be helpful.

Do Walmart employees have to pass background checks and are they required to do so?

I know of a Walmart employee who was charged with assault in 2009 after she allegedly assaulted a customer, then called her to apologize.

Are all Walmart employees required to pass a background check?

I have several questions about Walmart employees, and I am looking for answers to my questions.

What are Walmart’s policy regarding the use of force?

Are Walmart employees prohibited from using a weapon or object in any way?

Do they have to wear masks in any capacity?

Walmart does not provide a list of rules regarding use of a weapon.

Are they required by law to report suspected incidents to the police?

Are Walmart employees also required to wear a mask during customer service calls?

Are there any laws that require Walmart to report such incidents?

Walmart employees are allowed to wear hats and body armor, but are Walmart employees allowed to use them?

Walmart’s policies regarding body armor use are unclear.

How does Walmart treat employees with disabilities?

How can I know whether my questions or comments have been heard by Walmart’s employees?

I want the company to answer questions that I have.

Walmart has responded to a number of questions about its policies, including the following: Walmart does provide a comprehensive list of policies regarding employee rights.

What about employee requests for more information?

Is there a policy that prohibits employees from speaking about their concerns?

Is Walmart hiring or firing people for any reason?

Walmart also does not allow employees to speak on behalf of their customers.

Is there any way to get an employee’s name and email address?

Walmart provides a list for its customers to contact Walmart employees in the event they have questions.

Is Walmart required to provide information about employees’ health and safety, including how many hours they work, how long they work and how long it takes for their health to return to normal?

I can’t find a list on Walmart’s website for employees with questions or concerns about their workplace.

Walmart employees who are not registered with the company are allowed a list with their contact information.

What happens to employees who ask for or receive help from Walmart’s safety and health department?

I have several complaints about Walmart’s handling of complaints about its customer service team.

What is the company doing to improve its customer relations?

Does Walmart have a written policy on how to respond to complaints about employees who have questions or complaints about their jobs?

I am not sure what Walmart is doing to make it easier for customers to report safety concerns or safety issues to Walmart.

I’m looking for tips on how you can help.

I have other questions about the Walmart customer experience and would like answers to them.

I am a freelance writer based in Washington, DC, and a freelance journalist based in New York.

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