A taxi company paid £200 to a customer for a service they did not want and then used their money to pay for another service they didn’t want.

The story was covered in the Mail on Sunday, and the Mail’s customer support team were appalled by the transaction.

Customer service was supposed to be a place to ask questions and complain about service.

Instead, the company went out of its way to take advantage of a customer’s fear of getting a bill and then use the money to cover the cost of another service.

 A spokesperson for the company told the Mail that customers had been offered a range of taxi services, but they didn`t want one that would leave them with a bill for services they didn´t use.

They said they could offer customers a full refund, but customers had to opt in.

In an emailed statement, the firm said it was ‘very grateful’ for the customer support response and that it was committed to ‘shifting the customer experience towards the future’.

In the Mail article, the driver, who did not wish to be named, said he had been in the business for 15 years and that his experience with the company had been good.

‘I am now looking to do something more meaningful and positive, I just have to get my head around it,’ he said.

The story of how the taxi firm used customer money to take money from a customer that didn’t use the service is a familiar one.

Last year, the taxi industry paid a £30m fine to the British Taxi Drivers Union for a ‘sham taxi service’.

The company, which was also fined in 2014, has since settled the case.

When asked about the story, a spokesperson for Uber UK said the company was ‘looking into it.’

It said that it would be investigating the details and that its staff were ‘taking a proactive approach’ in order to ‘re-engage with customers and to better understand the issues we face.’

Uber UK has since suspended the taxi service in the UK, but the company said it will be providing full refunds to all customers who had previously paid for a UberX service.

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