In 2018, directv and its rival were bought by Time Warner, a large internet and television company, in a deal valued at more than $US3.5 billion ($3.4 billion).

Now, the internet giant has been trying to recruit and retain a dedicated staff that can answer questions on customer service.

The company also plans to hire as many as 800 new employees in 2018.

The job postings for the job include customer service representatives, data experts, marketing specialists, marketing managers and more.

“Directv is looking to hire a large number of employees to support its customer service and support team,” the job postings say.

Directv has had to cut its workforce to less than 50 people since the merger, and it is hiring more employees to help manage its business.

But it is still seeking help on its customer support department.

It has also been trying for years to find a way to get the word out to its customers about the service, which was designed for low-income families, and that has meant a huge push by its parent company, Verizon.

“We are always working on getting directv’s reach out to more customers and helping them get more directv,” said John Coughlin, the vice president of marketing at Directv.

“But that is not a new challenge for us.”

Directv is currently offering an unlimited plan that gives customers unlimited calling, texting and data, but it has also rolled out its own unlimited plans in some cities and states.

It also has plans that give customers unlimited voice calls and text messaging, and unlimited data.

There are plans available in every major US city, and the company has expanded to Canada and Japan, where it is not available.

“The goal is to keep the customer service team happy and engaged so they can continue to deliver great service to the Directv customer,” Coughlins said.

“This includes providing information to our customers on how to get directv to help them get the best value and for directv users to help directv improve its customer experience and customer service.”

But some customers are still waiting for the company to roll out its unlimited plans.

One of those is David Boulton, who has been paying his bill online for four months.

He is happy to have a phone number he can call on the go, but he is still looking for directiv.

“I’m going to be a little bit disappointed that they haven’t rolled out unlimited to my area, but I’m going with it,” he said.

While directv has been rolling out its new unlimited plans, other services like Uber and Lyft are also getting their start with new directv mobile apps.

But for Boultons, the service has not changed since he started using it.

“It’s not like Uber or Lyft,” he told ABC News.

“They’re still in the same space.”

For others, the changes are a step in the right direction.

“As I’ve seen it happen in the past, people are really happy about having access to that kind of service and the technology, and they’re really comfortable with it, and I think that’s why it’s been successful,” said David Krumholz, a consumer insights analyst at research firm Ovum.

“And that’s something that we’ll see happen with the directv app, too.”

Directev has also launched a mobile app for its online travel app that will allow users to book, reserve, pay and pay by credit card.

The app is only available in select cities and regions and can be found at

For now, the app is limited to one credit card per user.

But Krumholmz says he expects the app to be expanded.

He expects the company will offer a credit card option for customers in the near future.

“If you’re in the US, you can use your credit card to make a reservation through directv for up to two nights in a hotel,” he added.

“For the rest of the world, you’ll have to buy directv tickets.

But that will be more and more common.”

Originally published in the February 2018 issue of ABC News Australia.

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