With the nation’s largest private security company, Wayfair, in the crosshairs of the National Security Agency, the Secret Service has opened a job posting to help them cope with a potential surge in the volume of calls they’re receiving from customers, as well as from potential criminal hackers.

The post, posted on the Wayfair website on Monday, states that the company’s call center is working with the Secret Services National Response Center to “provide the services and support to secure communications and data that are essential for our customers and are not available at this time.”

“We need to respond quickly to customer calls, to provide timely responses to any questions that are received, and to resolve any disputes that arise during those calls,” the post reads.

The Secret Service’s response to calls has already been a source of controversy as well.

In June, the agency said it was “monitoring” the frequency of incoming calls, which prompted lawmakers to call on the agency to step up its response to the call volume.

A month later, President Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner called the White House and claimed that the agency was trying to shut down his father-in of a child sex trafficking ring that he said was operating in the U.S. from Russia.

Wayfair is a subsidiary of the private security firm, G4S, which has been accused of mishandling more than $2 billion in taxpayer funds.

Waypoint, the company that operates Wayfair’s call centers, has not responded to multiple requests for comment about the new job posting.

Wayward also said in a statement on Monday that it has “taken steps to address these issues.”

Wayfair said it would not comment on whether it was hired by the Secret Government because it is an internal company, but said it is working closely with the federal agency to ensure that any job openings go to qualified candidates.

Way Fair has a reputation for handling high volume of criminal calls and has hired some of the nation`s top security experts.

The company has hired former Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge, who was a federal prosecutor and former FBI director, to work on its call centers.

Waypoints phone and internet call centers are staffed by a “very experienced and highly trained” team, Waypoint said.

Way points CEO David Kall told CNN in May that the call centers have a high volume, and the company has made it a point to get to every call.

“It’s a real problem,” Kall said.

“It`s a problem in a way that you`re trying to deal with a lot of issues in your industry.”

The Secret Government also has struggled to keep up with the increasing volume of incoming criminal calls.

In May, the government received more than 11 million incoming calls.

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