Citibank has apologized for a post it made last month that included a photo of a man who had been punched in the face.

In the post, titled “Please excuse me,” Citibanks customer service rep wrote that the man was “a bad person.”

“Please do not use this photo,” he wrote.

“Please be aware that Citibans actions and attitudes have created an environment that has made others feel unsafe, which we all know is not true.”

The apology comes days after a video of a CitibANK customer service representative telling a man to “stop complaining” was uploaded to YouTube.

The incident occurred in November, when a customer in a Citigroup account contacted the bank to complain about his account being closed.

The customer’s complaint was later turned over to the bank’s customer service department, where it was reviewed by Citibills human resources staff, according to an internal Citibanked document obtained by The Huffington Report.

The bank’s human resources department reviewed the incident and said it “does not condone the use of violence and harassment.”

Citibanks told The Huffington 100 that the employee who responded to the man’s complaint should have acted differently.

“In retrospect, it is clear that the customer service person did not act in a professional manner, and that the use and abuse of language in the post was insensitive,” the bank said in a statement to The Huffington GoV.

“Citigroup sincerely apologizes for the actions of the employee, and we will work with Citiban to address the situation.”

Citi said it is taking steps to improve its customer service practices and will begin working with its human resources departments to address this matter.

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