Boost Mobile, which has an impressive product portfolio in India, will expand its presence in emerging markets to increase its reach and boost its revenue in the United States and Australia, the company said.

The move comes amid growing interest in the mobile market in emerging countries and an ongoing debate about whether companies should move quickly into developing markets, or if they should wait for longer to start offering services.

Boost Mobile CEO Rahul Sharma, who recently announced the company would be investing $2 billion in India in 2021, said the new service will allow Boost Mobile customers to take advantage of the country’s rapidly growing mobile network.

“Our customers have asked us to expand and we are excited to be expanding our service into more countries,” Sharma told reporters in New Delhi.

Boost will expand to 12 countries in 2021 with plans to expand to 10 more by 2022, the statement said.

“We are committed to our customers’ well-being and the safety of our customers.

The new service is a natural extension of our commitment to providing an easy and affordable way to connect and grow our business,” it added.

Boost is one of India’s biggest mobile service providers, providing services in more than 300 countries.

Boost Mobile said its service has over a billion active monthly users in India.

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