source IGN 1.

Get an Internet Service Provider (ISP) that offers a free VPN service that you can use to hide your internet traffic.


Download a VPN application, like Virtual Private Network (VPN), that can hide your IP address from public Internet traffic.


Plug the VPN into your home network or switch the IP address of the VPN client to a different IP address.


Set up a firewall or other security system on your router to block access to your VPN client.


Plug in your home computer’s internet connection to your home Internet router and hide your VPN connection.


Connect to your Internet through your router and set up a VPN tunnel.


Connect back to your router via your computer and set a VPN connection again.


Set a firewall for the Internet and use your VPN service to allow the traffic to flow through your home router.


Set an internet proxy that allows the traffic through your proxy to flow to your proxy.


Set the VPN to use a static IP address on your computer, like or 192.168.0, and configure your computer’s DNS to point to that IP address when it’s asked to access the internet.


Use the VPN on a home network that has the same public IP address as your public network.


Set your VPN to only allow the internet traffic that is approved by your ISP.


Install and configure a VPN software program that will allow you to hide the IP addresses of your VPN clients.


Connect your home IP address to the public IP addresses for your home networks, and then configure your router’s DNS settings to point your IP addresses to those addresses.


Configure your VPN software to block all traffic through the VPN clients that don’t use the public addresses.


Connect through the router’s firewall and use the VPN service on your home PC. 17.

Use your VPN services to access your public internet from anywhere.


Set it up so you can switch the proxy IP addresses at any time.

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