JetBlue’s customer support team has become more aggressive in its approach to customer service complaints in recent months.

The airline said it has increased its response times to more than 2,000 complaints and sent out emails to more people since November, compared with about 1,000 emails for all of last year.

The increase comes on top of the airline’s hiring of 1,200 new people since February, and it is also the result of an increase in complaints to its customer service desk, said Matt Renn, JetBlue spokesman.

Last month, a customer service rep for the Southwest Airlines in Louisville, Ky., called the airline and complained that an air stewardess who was not in uniform made inappropriate comments about passengers’ appearance.

Southwest said the person was fired.

JetBlue is also working with the Federal Aviation Administration to ensure that it doesn’t become a common place for airlines to harass or intimidate customers, said the airline.

In a statement, Jet Blue said it is committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment for its customers and to providing timely, appropriate, and courteous customer service.

A spokesperson for the FAA said the agency is “actively monitoring JetBlue customer service” and has opened an investigation into the airline to ensure it is compliant with the law.

“JetBlue has a long-standing history of being a leader in customer service and our customer care team is working closely with our regulatory and legal advisers to address the company’s concerns,” the spokesperson said.

On Monday, the airline added a third customer service manager to its staff, who will work closely with its sales representatives to better manage the airline-specific customer service programs.

The airline said the new employee will be added to a team that has already been trained in the customer service department.

The new manager will be responsible for overseeing a team of about 150 employees, who have been trained for more than 20 years, according to JetBlue.

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