In a bid to stop people from spamming you with emails that they do not really want, the UK’s top cybercrime agency has teamed up with US internet giants to create a new service that can block spam and malware.

The company, called Kingsman, will work with US online service providers and help users to block unwanted e-mails from their accounts.

It will also offer support for businesses and government organisations to block e-spammers and other threats to their privacy.

“Kingsman is an independent cybersecurity company that provides a free service to UK users to help them identify and report spam and malicious emails,” Kingsman said in a statement.

“Our aim is to help UK customers and businesses reduce the impact of unwanted and spam emails by preventing spam and phishing.”

The Kingsman service, which will be available in the UK and US, will offer the same functionality as the popular spam filter, but it will also allow people to filter spam that does not really belong to them.

Kingsman will offer a number of filters, including the BlockSpam and BlockMalware filters.

Its first release, the BlockBot, is aimed at those who want to stop malicious emails that are sent to them, or that have been sent to someone they don’t know.

It will block spam emails sent by spam bots, spam accounts and spam folders.

Users will be able to filter messages and folders based on their IP address, sender, and recipient.

The filters can also be configured to block certain types of messages, such as spam from spam sites.

The new service will also provide support for law enforcement agencies and other organisations who are concerned about the spread of spam.

According to Kingsman’s director of cybersecurity and data security, Ben Walker, the Kingsman services will be the “most secure, transparent and trusted solution for UK users”.

He added that Kingsman has been working with US security companies for some time.

“We are extremely proud to be partnering with US companies like McAfee and the FBI to bring our customers the best protection they can get,” he said.

In a statement, Kingsman told RTE that it will be working with law enforcement to ensure that the service is “effective and secure”.

“This partnership with McAfee will be designed to support our customers and help them reduce the damage that they will experience from spam and other forms of malicious email,” Kingsmen added.

Kingman also said that it would provide free support to customers of its Kingsman filter service.

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