Postal service tracking has been a big topic of conversation for the past few years.

The USPS has been working on tracking for years, but the technology hasn’t gotten as much attention as it could.

Now, thanks to a little-noticed government regulation, the USPS will finally be able to give its customers an accurate, digital tag of their packages.

The Postal Service has been using the technology since 2001, but in 2015, the government decided that it needed to update it for better accuracy.

The postal service is using the new standard to track packages for packages sent via USPS-owned, independent companies.

So far, the system has worked well, but now, a federal judge in New York has ordered the Postal Service to upgrade its tracking system, so that customers will be able get the correct information.

What’s the problem?

For many years, it was pretty simple.

A parcel was sent to your door and delivered, and then the USPS sent you a tracking number.

This number would let you know when the package arrived.

The tracking number is only available for up to 12 months after the package was sent.

But since that date, the tracking number has become very outdated, and the Postal Services are now relying on a third party company to help them keep track of what’s actually happening in their warehouses.

This third party companies would be called the Postmark Tracking Service (PTTS).

PTTS started as a small startup in the mid-1990s.

It was a private company with a few employees, but by 2004, it had become the largest company in the United States.

It’s been around for years and has grown in size to more than 2,000 employees.

Today, it has nearly 3,000 customers around the country.

But in 2015 the Postal Inspection Service (PIS) took over the PTTS contract.

The PTTS became the third-largest mail carrier in the country after UPS and FedEx.

So now the USPS has a problem.

What it needs to do is upgrade the PTNS technology, but there’s a catch.

PTNS does not currently track parcels that are mailed outside of the United State.

This means that packages sent to New York City, Chicago, or Los Angeles can’t be tracked.

In a lawsuit filed against the USPS in 2015 by the Center for Public Integrity, PTNS argued that this limitation was “necessary to avoid over-provisioning” the postal system.

“As the Postal Inspectors Service has increasingly become more and more central to the USPS, the Postal Postal Service’s ability to control its delivery systems has been hampered by the growing size of the PTns’ operations,” the complaint reads.

The problem with this argument is that the USPS is not actually sending packages outside of its territories, it’s just shipping them to the states.

That’s right, the mail is being shipped to the US.

In fact, if you want to ship packages to Australia, Canada, or other countries outside of US territory, the postal service will send you a shipping label for that destination.

It will only ship to the country that the postage was paid to, not the country where the package originated.

The reason this is important is because a lot of packages sent overseas end up arriving back at the USPS.

That means the USPS can’t track the packages as they are being delivered.

Instead, it will just leave them in an office, and eventually have them delivered.

That will not give you accurate information about where the packages are actually going, so you can’t figure out exactly where they are heading to.

This is not the USPS’s fault, of course.

If it had been working like it should, the PTBS could have solved this problem years ago.

But it hasn’t been working that way.

Why is this a problem?

Because there are two problems with this system.

First, PTTS has the capacity to track multiple shipments simultaneously.

This will be especially important in cases where you have multiple shipments from different companies and multiple packages.

For example, let’s say you’re going to a conference and you have three separate packages that need to be delivered.

If you were to start tracking the packages from the same company, then you’d end up tracking them from multiple locations.

That would make tracking the same packages from multiple companies incredibly difficult.

In addition, PTBS currently does not track packages that have been sent to Canada.

The same is true for packages that are being sent to the same address in several different cities, and packages that may be sent to different addresses from different countries.

This isn’t a problem with the system, it is a problem of the postal inspector.

The other problem is that PTTS doesn’t provide a “time of arrival” for packages.

This allows a postal inspector to send a tracking letter to the address on the package.

This does not give the USPS much information about the parcel, and if it does, then the postal inspectors could not possibly be able a really accurate number on where the parcel was.

That number will be determined by the postal authorities and

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