Mata ka Jagran / Jagrata

Jagran (Jagrata) is a word that will be quite familiar to the Hindus worldwide. Jagran is a holy event which consists of all night kirtan of the Mother Goddess Durga where her devotees worship her by singing her praises and her bhents which includes spiritual awakening for attainment of link up with Supreme Power. This is a holy event that can be held any time of the year. This devotional program done during the night, on Tuesday or Saturday Night from 11:30 pm to 5:30 am.

Mata Ki Chowki

Mata ki Chowki is a religious get together, through Chowkis. Mata Ki Chowki is short time kirtan which can be performed at any time throughout the day, anytime of the year. In Mata Ki Chowki, the group preaches about Mata, sings “Jagrata” and motivates devotees all over the world to pay their respects through their prayers. This program, can be organised on the happy occasions such as Weddings, Engagements, Birthdays, Anniversaries or during Ganpati and Navratri festivals. It is a devotional program done during the evening time, for 3 hours on any day between 7:00 p.m and 10:00 p.m

Shyam Bhajan Sandhya

Bhajan is a Sanskrit word meaning “singing to glorify God." Bhajan is associated with the bhakti mārg (“bhaj” is also the root of the word “bhakti”). It is also the name of a Hindu genre of devotional songs and hymns. The term covers a wide range of devotional music, from a simple mantra to the more complex. Bhajans are typically lyrical and convey love for the Divine. It can also refer to the inner music of the soul that yogis hear on their journey to oneness with the divine or higher Self. We are performing Bhajan Sandhya by singing the songs of the Lord Ganesha, Bholenath, Shyam (Krishna), Maa Durga, Ram, Hanuman etc. in any day at any time throughout the year with professional musicians and sound system


kirtan is a Sanskrit word that means “narrating, reciting, telling, describing" of an idea or story. It is also a practice to the major divisions of yoga, which belongs to the Bhakti path. Bhakti means devotion, and refers to your path and daily activities that bring you back to Source in the Heart.

We are performing Kirtan at Home, Society, Banquet hall or such other place as per the convenient to Devotees in any day at any time throughout the year with professional musicians and sound system. 


Sunderkand has more manifest energy (72%) as compared to other Deities who have approximately 10% manifest energy. The following reasons (based on concepts of energy) inspire devotees to worship Hanuman 1. Problems caused by negative energy, influence of Shani, etc.2. To channelise pleasant energy : To overcome obstacles in the path of activated kundalini (spiritual energy) and to channelise it in the appropriate direction.